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Obvious statement - America is in the throes of a culture war between two competing ideologies:

  • Americanism

  • Totalitarianism (aka Communism)

I am reasonably sure I don’t want to live in a Totalitarian Hell-State.

I am 100% certain I do not want my sons becoming dirty Commies crying about “white rage” whilst spilling anti-colonialist cricket milk on their fair trade, non-binary hemp jumpsuits.

I’m sure you agree.

So, how do we avoid this bleak existence?

We indoctrinate ourselves and our families in a culture of Americanism.

  • equality

  • liberty

  • Rights

  • rebellion

  • defending the innocent

  • kicking ass

  • taking names

I call this process Mass Americanization.

You should wake up every (explicit) morning and get to work creating a more American America.

- Kalian “Extra Handsome” Osborn

Of course, when I suggest Americanizing America there is ALWAYS some trundle-nuts accusing me of “dog whistling” white supremacists.

  • First, calling me a white supremacist is a boring insult. Try harder.

  • Second, if you think I want an America for whites only you are dumber than a bag of hair.

  • Third, check your privilege (I have no idea what this means).

Am I politically correct?

No, no I am not.

Do I love real Americans of all races, colors and creeds?

Hell yes.

Americanizing America isn’t racist - it’s the exact opposite.

Applying the Ideals of the Declaration of Independence to ALL Americans, regardless of race, color and creed, is the goal of our Founders.

Yes. For real. I mean, unless you think you know more than Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, MLK, JFK and Barack Obama (yes, this is the former President’s position).

The racially sensitive and not-at-all stereotypical ghosts below agree.

Merica vs the World is for Everyone…even Libs

Not sure how to define yourself politically?

Think Republicans AND Democrats are self dealing losers?

Don’t know what a Conservative is anymore?

Know you have liberal values but recognize Liberals are actually Progressive Tyrants?

Welcome to your new political home. It’s nice here. You are going to love it.

Together we can make the United States a happier, more American, less racially obsessed culture so our children and grandchildren can live free, pursue their dreams and build generational wealth…whilst eliminating dirty Commies (peacefully, FBI, no need to arrest us).

Stop pussyfooting around (WTF does that even mean?).

Subscribe below and indoctrinate yourself in a culture of Americanism today.

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Kalian Osborn
Pro-American. Adoption Advocate. US Army Veteran.